Charge and pay online


justCHARGE is a platform that enables the integrated establishment and management of a charging infrastructure and payment system. You decide the charging price yourself, we take care of everything else.

Access to the platform is possible simply via QR code or NFC. Anonymous top-up without personal information. FAST, SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE!

easily find locations with available charging stations
Charging history
overview of past charging sessions
credit and debit cards, Google and Apple pay


Why justCHARGE

  • Unique user experience, without RFID cards and applications
  • AutoCharge and Plug&Charge ISO 15118 support
  • Complete overview and control of energy consumption
  • Ability to set charging tariff based on the group of charging stations
  • Connection with company vehicles and arrangement of benefits
  • Automated care for all transactions, with no hidden costs
  • Comprehensive on-site and remote support
  • 24/7 support
Why justCHARGE

EV Charging

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